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Public Safety
Investments in Public Safety
  • Merger of the Knightdale Fire Department and East Wake Fire and Rescue

  • Construction of two new fire stations, Station 4 on Hodge Rd and Station 1 on Old Knight Rd (both now under construction)

  • Renovation of current public safety building to serve as police headquarters (funded, ongoing).

  • Investing in numerous fire trucks, police vehicles, and equipment. 

  • Historic salary investments making Knightdale FD and PD one of the best paid in the State of North Carolina.

Investments in Sustainability
  • Formation of Sustainability Committee to guide Council. 

  • Authorized grants leading to installation of EV Charging Stations at Town Hall and Knightdale Station Park. 

  • Renovations at Harper Park including Knightdale’s first mural and inclusive playground.

  • Renovations at the Knightdale Environmental Park including restoration of the pond and picnic shelters, and the installation of a stormwater friendly, permeable surface walking trail. 

  • Energy Efficient renovations at Town Hall. 

  • Completion of the towns first Comprehensive Transportation Plan that prioritizes walkability, mass transit, and safety.

Investments in Staff
  • Expansion of workplace protections to create and support additional protected groups of employees. 

  • Historic salary investments to ensure Knightdale is a competitive employer in a challenging labor market. 

  • Ensured that all full time town employees are payed at or above the living wage for Wake County. 

  • Proactive approach to the COVID-19 pandemic that ensured the safety of staff and viability of town services throughout the entire crisis. 

Investments in the Community
Future Priorities
  • The Basics:

    • The priorities of any good municipal elected official should be the same - high quality town services; great parks, programs, and events; great quality of life; and a fiscally responsible town government. 

  • Beyond the basics:

    • I envision Knightdale's future to be one where people can truly live-work-and play without ever leaving. As we "grow" forward I envision a Knightdale where one can choose to live without a car, and where one can age in place. 

    • Prioritizing our regional partnerships: As we plan the future working with WCPSS, Wake County, GoRaleigh, Wake Tech, NCDOT, and our surrounding municipalities as we plan for the future helps to ensure that Knightdale's citizens have access to the services they need! 

    • Addressing the Climate Crisis: Our town is not immune to climate change and we must plan accordingly. Our response to the climate crisis must be built in to everything we do - it must become part of our culture. Expanding walkability, planning for public transit, developing walkable neighborhoods, requiring future ready stormwater controls, encouraging sustainable building patterns, and limiting barriers to electrification and green energy are all steps we are taking to make sure Knightdale does its part to fight and respond to climate change. Our Climate Plan IS our housing plan, IS our transportation plan, IS our development plan. It is the accumulation of our collective choices. 

    • ​Embracing our Diversity: Knightdale is among the youngest and most diverse communities in Wake County! We must work to ensure that people who choose to live here can stay here through their lives, that they see themselves represented in our town government and town events, and that people from ALL walks of life feel safe and accepted in our community. 

    • After participating in multiple rounds of Strategic Planning, Budget Seasons, and Planning Retreats, my plans and goals for the future of Knightdale are integrated within the following public documents.​

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